General COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures

  • CROYA Facility Usage – CROYA is only open to currently registered youth.
  • Group Sizes – Youth programs and meetings will have limited program sizes in compliance with State of Illinois phase 4 reopening guidelines for COVID-19. 
  • Sanitization – CROYA has taken extra steps for additional cleaning and sanitization including hand sanitizing stations and equipping Staff with hand sanitizer and proper cleaning supplies.
  • Social Distancing – Participants will be expected to maintain 6 feet of social distance at all times.
  • Equipment – Sharing of supplies and equipment will be limited and any items that will be shared will be thoroughly sanitized between usages.
  • Face Coverings – All CROYA Staff and Youth must wear face coverings while participating in a CROYA program.
  • Water Bottle – Public water fountains will not be available.  CROYA Youth should bring their own water bottle and may use non-contact refillable water stations.
  • Food – CROYA will not be preparing any food for the youth.


  • At check in;
    • Staff will confirm the youth has a Middle School or High School Pass and is registered for a youth program, if applicable.
    • Staff will ask health screening questions.
    • Staff will take temperature of Participant.
    • Staff will direct youth to the appropriate location for youth program.


The first line of defense is to keep the youth HOME if they are showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  Participant should report the following to a member of the CROYA Staff;

  • If anyone in the immediate household has recently tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Has been exposed to a positive COVID-19 person.
  • Has recently travelled to any of the states on the IL travel quarantine list.

In the event either of the below occur, CROYA Staff will handle all communications with Parents and if necessary, other Participant Parents.

  • COVID-19 Symptomatic:
    • If a Participant or Staff member does have symptoms, they CANNOT attend a CROYA program until they have had no fever for at least 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications, other symptoms have improved, and at least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared.
    • Participant or Staff member must have a negative COVID-19 test result.
    • If a Participant or Staff member shows any symptoms while at a program, they will be moved to an area separated from the rest of the Program, accompanied by a Staff member. Parents will be contacted and expected to pick up Participant immediately.
  • COVID-19 Positive:
    • If a Participant or Staff member does contract COVID-19, they should remain isolated at home for a minimum of 10 days after symptoms onset and can be released after feverless and feeling well (without fever-reducing medication) for at least 72 hours and have a negative COVID-19 test result.
    • Anyone who is exposed to a COVID-19 positive Participant or Staff member will be contacted by Staff and advised on next steps.


For questions, please contact us at 847-810-3980 or