Spring 2023 Retreat Registration Opens at 10AM on Wednesday, February 15.

The 2023 CROYA Spring Retreat is the weekend of March 17-19, 2023. This retreat is only open to attendees who have been on a retreat before, with the exception of graduating seniors who have never attended. If your student has not attended a retreat in the past and is not a senior, they are not eligible to attend this retreat.

Retreat Info:

    1. This Spring’s retreat will take place the weekend of March 17-19, 2023. Students will arrive at 4:00 PM on Friday, March 17 at the CROYA Facility and return around noon on Sunday, March 19.
    2. The retreat will take place at Camp Henry Horner in Ingleside, IL. 
    3. The cost of the retreat is $180, which includes all program costs and meals while at the camp.
    4. Students will not have access to their phones over the weekend except in case of emergency. If you need to reach your student, you can contact any of the CROYA Staff members on their cell phones.  
        1. Todd Nahigian – (847) 613-0100
          Catherine Grey – (847) 613-0101
          Leslie Walton – (847) 613-0102
          Rick Day – (847) 613-0103

Retreat Registration Tips:

  1. Make sure you have a RecTrac account and you are able to log in to it. Not sure if you have an account or lost your password? Call us at 847-810-3980 or the Rec Center at 847-234-6700 and we can help you out. You can use the link for retreat registration to test if you are able to log in. We recommend logging in to your account before 10 AM and refreshing your web page at 10AM to load the registration.
  2. Be ready to register at 10AM on Wednesday, February 15. Retreat spots go quickly, so the quicker that you can register, the quicker you can get your spot saved! Once you have the registration in your cart, the spot is on hold until you complete the checkout process.
  3. Have your information ready to enter. For registration, we ask for Emergency Contact Information (other than a parent, in case we can’t reach you), any dietary restrictions, any medications required to be taken during the retreat, parent email, and Health insurance carrier and policy number (in case of emergency). If you have this ready to go, registration will go much quicker!
  4. If you have any issues, give us a call at 847-810-3980. Please be aware that we experience a higher call volume during the retreat registration process, so there may be some delays in answering – we’ll do our best to get to you quickly!
  5. Scholarships are available! Please contact us ASAP for details – if you choose to attend on scholarship, we will need to help you with registration.
  6. The Spring Retreat is only for returning retreat attendees. If your student has not attended a retreat in the past, they are not eligible to attend this retreat. The exception is for graduating seniors who have never attended a retreat.


Please note: Even though the registration types may appear before 10AM on 2/15, and may list as available, the system will not allow you to register until 10AM on 2/15.


RecTrac Registration How-To Videos

Single Student Registration How-To

Multiple Student Registration How-To  (i.e. for siblings)

Updating Your Rectrac Information


Link To RecTrac

Retreat Registration Link – RecTrac (Please Click on High School Programs for Retreat Registration)


Our High School retreats are great experiences for students to take a break from their busy lives and get to know more about their peers and themselves. These student-led events take place twice every school year at Camp Henry Horner in Ingleside, IL. During these weekends, students are able to interact with fellow students, freshman-senior years, in both large-group and small group settings. We aim to hold our retreats the weekend before Thanksgiving in the fall, and the weekend before Lake Forest High School spring break in the spring. Dates for upcoming retreats (including registration dates) are posted below and updated as dates are determined. 

Our student leaders must have attended a retreat previously and completed the Peer Training curriculum. Eligible student leaders will be contacted prior to the Spring retreat that they would be eligible to lead.

Please note: the fall retreat is only for first-time participants on the retreat, and the spring retreat is only for returning retreatants. 

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Grey at greyc@cityoflakeforest.com


2022-23 School Year 

Fall: November 18-20

Spring: March 17-19

2023-24 School Year

Fall: November 17-19

Spring: March 15-17